[RFI] Strange signal on 30M

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Wed Apr 1 16:44:28 PDT 2009

Hello Ron,

I hear the same here in Louisiana s-9 to 10 over. No beam here so can't get
a direction. Maybe someone with a directional antenna can give us a

I cannot detect any variations in the content of the signal.


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Was listening to 30M this evening between 10.118 and 10.140 and there is 
a digital signal that occupies the entire space between 120 and 140.  
multi tones spaced about 5 to to 7hz apart.  Only hearing it on 30M  
Anyone else hearing it or do I have some new local noise maker in 
action.  Signal exhibits QSB and is S-8 strong and getting stronger here 
in GA.

73 de

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