[RFI] Coaxial Choke

Sam Morgan ka5oai at gmail.com
Tue Apr 14 19:54:15 PDT 2009

Dennis Vernacchia wrote:
> What are the diameters of the coils ?
that was the fun part, you have to do the math and see how many turns on what 
coil form would use up the number of feet required. I used one of the big 
plastic Folgers Coffee cans which is about 6 inches diameter and just measured 
off 10 feet and wound it on the plastic can. If I remember right it was about 7 
turns like it said. But it also says it's not an exacting thing, you can vary a 
little bit.

It's not the big gun choke like that RFI-Ham.pdf talks about.
But if you are broke and have an extra 10 feet of coax in you feed line,
it comes down to that ol hot rod saying,
ya run what ya brung.

> Multiple Band Freq    RG-8, 58, 59, 8X, 213 
> 3.5-30  10 ft,  7 turns 

GB & 73
Sam Morgan

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