[RFI] Coaxial Choke

Erik Weaver erik at n0ew.org
Thu Apr 16 08:45:34 PDT 2009

I've successfully used air-wound coil choke "baluns" on 11-meters. Five 
feet or so of coax wound on a small peanut butter jar (plastic), secured 
with zip-ties and black electrical tape. Works quite well.

As you know, that isn't very far from 10- or 12-meters. I've not yet had 
an occasion for such a direct field test on the longer bands. At least 
none that I recall.

I do agree that ferrite will improve the design. Home made 1:1 current 
baluns are easy to make too, which is nice. Jerry Sevick W2FMI has 
written several very good books on the subject.

73-Erik Weaver n0ew

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