[RFI] VLF interference Re: CFLs and LEDs

John Brosnahan -- W0UN shr at swtexas.net
Sat Feb 7 09:52:45 EST 2009

At 07-02-09 07:08, you wrote:
>I just had another interesting experience with a CFL.  I have a lamp in
>the den with a CFL.  It is on a mechanical timer to come on in the
>evening and go off after about 5 hours.  Last night my wife was sitting
>near the lamp when it came on.  She called to me saying the light is
>smoking.  The electronic ballast unit was hot and smoking.  Now, no harm
>done other than scratch one CFL, but what if no one had been home when
>this happened.
>This and their terribly short life are the reasons I hate CFL's.
>"Another fine mess you've gotten us into Ollie" Whoops my mistake It's
>our government and Al Gore that got us into this.


My sentiments exactly -- although I think CFLs are improving, both in 
lifetime and in less smoke-generating potential.  The last ones I got 
seem to be doing much better than the ones I have previously 
purchased over the years.

These are the new format with the thinner tubes.  And their light 
color is better as well.  I got the new format ones at 
Walmart.   Seems about 20% of their CFLs are now the NEW ones.  Oh, 
and the base is smaller so that they fit more of the fixtures that 
would not take the fat-based ones.

--John  W0UN

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