[RFI] 80/160M RFI in neighbor's oven circuitry !

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Sun Feb 8 10:34:55 EST 2009

This may be old hat to everyone here but I just would like to caution 
those that may not be aware, hanging a capacitor across a line like an 
AC source has some special engineering requirements. Usually X-1 or X-2 
or even X-3 rated capacitors are used in such installations due to the 
huge voltage and current surges typical on these lines. There are some 
serious fire hazard implications if one uses the wrong style of cap. 
When I did my noise audit and choose to install some caps around my home 
I was advised to use .1 micro farad X-2 grade which will take 275 VAC 
and each
section of the capacitor is constructed with internal fuses. X-1 is 
rated at a higher voltage and conversely X-3 is the lower of the three 
mentioned. There are X rated and Y rated and you can google for the 
differences but I think it prudent to  at least mention it.

Best, Chas

Bill and Cindy wrote:
> HELP !!
> For 80 and 160 M I have had various verticals over a large radial field, there are
> 60 X 80' radials. A previous Butternut vertical was thought to be setting off the
> neighbor's oven timer, but testing was inconclusive. Then 2 weeks ago I built
> a fullsize 66 foot tall 1/4 wave 80M vertical. It must be much more efficient, 
> because it is REALLY setting off the neighbor's oven circuitry, the timer beeps
> continuously with a key down KW. Their house is 200' from the vertical, and
> 120' from the edge of the radial field. 
> They have the usual built in oven/microwave, no wiring is easily accessible.
> Where do I start ??
> Thanks, Bill KO7AA in Tucson 
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