[RFI] 80/160M RFI in neighbor's oven circuitry !

Missouri Guy n0tt1 at juno.com
Sun Feb 8 11:58:31 EST 2009

I don't know how your neighbor's oven is setup, but mine is
built in, with a grounded metal rough-in case surrounding the unit.  It's
made so the oven is accessible by just pulling it out 
and unplugging the cord in back of the case.  That
being the situation, it would be just a matter of inserting in a
line filter to take care of the RFI.  If your neighbor's oven
is hard-wired, then, with some luck, there might be
enough room inside the terminal box on the oven for
some filtering.

I would refrain from doing any wiring
on your neighbor's property unless you are a licensed
and insured electrician....that's because of liability issues.

As far as grounding...your neighbor's CB panel should
already be properly grounded, so doing more there
probably won't improve anything.  
A responsible manufacturer would provide your neighbor
with a filter if they received a complaint (heh heh...lotsa luck!), 
even if the oven probably carries a FCC Part-15 message 
in back of the instruction manual.   You might casually look
through the manual with him/her and "discover" it....then
reach an agreement with your neighbor on what to do
next, if anything.  

CU on 160!
Charlie, N0TT
On Sat, 7 Feb 2009 21:12:49 -0800 (PST) Bill and Cindy <wb0o at yahoo.com>
> HELP !!
> For 80 and 160 M I have had various verticals over a large radial 
> field, there are
> 60 X 80' radials. A previous Butternut vertical was thought to be 
> setting off the
> neighbor's oven timer, but testing was inconclusive. Then 2 weeks 
> ago I built
> a fullsize 66 foot tall 1/4 wave 80M vertical. It must be much more 
> efficient, 
> because it is REALLY setting off the neighbor's oven circuitry, the 
> timer beeps
> continuously with a key down KW. Their house is 200' from the 
> vertical, and
> 120' from the edge of the radial field. 
> They have the usual built in oven/microwave, no wiring is easily 
> accessible.
> Where do I start ??
> Thanks, Bill KO7AA in Tucson 
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