[RFI] 80/160M RFI in neighbor's oven circuitry (PART 2)

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One aspect I have not seen discussed is that of thresholding the problem. 
By that I mean:  at what power level does the oven timer go off when you 
use your new full size vertical?  You know that 1 kW stomps it, but what 
about 100 watts or 10 watts?  Since you can not increase the distance 
between source (your antenna) and victim (the oven), the only avialable 
action is power thresholding.  Since the power levels I mentioned are in 
10 dB increments, running a test with your neighbor's cooperation can tell 
you a lot.

If 100 watts is OK but 1000 watts is not, you have a  problem of only 10 
dB.  That should not take a lot of effort to obtain, but the issue is that 
the only real place to cure the problem is with the oven.  The 
manufacturer should help, but good luck on that!  OTOH, if the timer goes 
off with as little as 10 watts into that antenna, you might want to 
consider QRP operations.  Putting in enougb filtering and bypassing to the 
oven to get 20 to 30 dB of signal reduction is not trivial, especially 
when it is not your oven.

Good luck.

73, Dale


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[RFI] 80/160M RFI in neighbor's oven circuitry (PART 2)

Thanks for the suggestions!
Adding a good ground system to the neighbor's breaker panel sounds easy 
The microwave/convection oven in question is the usual combination unit 
half the size of a refrigerator. I pulled mine out of the wall and as 
suspected the
unit's power cable is entirely in flexible conduit, it is hardwired into 
the house
electric system. How can I apply snap-on material 31 cores to this? I 
code will allow the wires to be exposed, will the cores be effective if 
around the flexible conduit?
73 Bill KO7AA in Tucson

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