[RFI] CFLs and UV myth

Rob Atkinson ranchorobbo at gmail.com
Wed Feb 25 12:43:40 EST 2009

If you guys want to expend a lot of time and energy debating junk
science hoax/scare myths you may as well focus on nonsense that's a
threat to ham radio, namely the stupid bs about RF exposure limits.
While there may be something to it at high power in a concentrated
field in the VHF UHF regions where there can be some thermal heating,
the idea of 1500 watts of HF RF, or even a megawatt from a sw bc
curtain antenna doing any tissue damage is an utter farce of CYA
political expediency on the part of the FCC and ARRL in the US--this
is non-ionizing radiation, it does absolutely no thermal heating, it
is completely safe because at HF and below, the field energy is so
low, the ARRL has to know this, they aren't that stupid, and they
should be ashamed of themselves for going along with the FCC on this
instead of combating it.

I challenge anyone to provide any credible scientific study, a REAL
study, not some garbage from some anti-power line cell phone kooks on
the fringe, that proves that HF RF is a danger.  You won't be able to
BECAUSE THERE AREN'T ANY.  Instead, you'll find a lot of smoke, vague
iffy conclusions that say more study is required but until we're sure,
(and get more grant money) we'd better abide by some arbitrary
exposure guidelines, just to be safe.   It's a COMPLETE SHAM.  Some
fringe special interest groups have persuaded friendly politicians to
go along with them (may as well play it safe), these are all
non-technical people, they in turn have persuaded lawyers who run the
FCC who are equally non-technical and only know about wardrobe
malfunctions to go along and engineers at the FCC who fear for their
jobs aren't about to speak up and tell them the whole idea is idiotic
so the upshot is another nonsense regulatory hurdle and ticking bomb
of baseless fear with the potential to shut down ham radio as we know
it.   If you want a ham radio where 5 watts ERP is the maximum safe
level because a few nuts think all RF causes cancer and are incapable
of understanding the difference between HF and x-rays, then get back
to working K5D and forget about it.  Now you have something
worth-while to gas about!


rob / k5uj

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