[RFI] Super DSL choke? FYI

rick darwicki n6pe at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 9 22:35:07 PDT 2009

I had some 1/2" hole snap on #43s (3 of them) on my line into the DSL modem. The connection from the modem to the splitter is only about 18" long and I had an 8' phone cord with the excess coiled up. Each snap on had about 3 turns of cable thru it.

Tonight I carefully cut off the outside covering of the phone cord and cut out the red and green wires (DSL is on the outside pair). I secured one end and twisted the other until the black and yellow looked like a CAT 5 pair. Then I wrapped the twisted pair, while pulling it tight, around the snap on. I must have gotten about 30 turns on it, the whole length of the original cord.

With only the one ferrite right at the modem and about 18" to the splitter I can browse web pages on 160 at full power (700 w out) without losing the connection.

I may peel the Ethernet cables in the same fashion. I can use the extra snap on ferrites. hi hi

My first thought was to take the blue/white pair out of a CAT 5 cable and wrap it thru the snap on. I tried that on the line coming into the splitter. It also had about 30 turns, and it didn't work. There were only two ferrites right at the modem because I used one to make the one mentioned.

BTW with no antenna on the DirecTV box I had picture jumping and audio thumping on my TV that changed if I plugged or unplugged the DVD/DirecTV/Wii etc on the power strip. Thumping was also affect by moving wires near the back of the Sony standard TV. Final cure was to wrap all the cables passing near the back of the TV with aluminum foil. TV is all clear at full power 160-10, haven't checked 100 W on 6 meters, but there is never anyone there anyway. 

Rick, N6PE
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