[RFI] flourescent light

Wes Attaway (N5WA) wesattaway at bellsouth.net
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It sounds like the light is radiating some RF hash.  Your antenna is picking
up the signal, so using chokes, etc, on your antenna coax won't help.

Can you find out what kind of light it is?  You probably need to do some
suppression right at the fixture.  You and your landlord need to talk about

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 I live in a studio attached to a house above a garage
and use a wellbrook 1530 loop which I feel is a awesome
antenna especially used on a rotor I can null out alot
of stuff since in my situation I cannot put up a wire.
 My landlord has a light he switches on daily that wipes
me out and no matter how I position the Loop (I even added
a 100ft of coax and put it out in the woods and still had
the hash!) I wrapped the coax in ferrite donuts but it 
didn,t help, so what I,m deducting from this is maybe
it is coming from the mains AC , is that likely? would
a ICE AC line filter or something like that help? has anyone
had a similar problem? I can kill some of it with my
JPS Noise cancellar but you have to keep adjusting it
alot which is a bummer, tks for any info 73,s
Mark Zavatsky LI,NY  K1ZZZ ex: KA1CWK,HL9WK,N1MDI

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