[RFI] Reply

rbaker rbaker at cloudnet.com
Wed Oct 7 11:26:54 PDT 2009

 Hi--I want to thank all that responded to my question concerning the 
WECS ( wind energy conversion sysetem ).This term,by the way is the 
legal term used in the NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING ,sent to the residents 
with in 500' of the proposed site.
        It may ( or may not ) be of some interest to all of you to 
Google up the following site-MISSOURI WIND 1000 SERIES and take a look 
at the device,and the specs.Very interesting--I think.It apparently does 
use an inverter,as some of you suggested to convert the stored power to 
60 cycle.That may only one problem as indicated by your 
responses.Also,think bird flying into it !!!
        Thanks again for all your responses and I would appreciate any 
                      de   Bob  W0ROB   

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