[RFI] Trojan UV Noise.

Eric - VE3GSI ve3gsi at sympatico.ca
Tue Sep 29 19:45:17 PDT 2009

Hello Gang,

>From another post I mentioned buying a new QTH well into the countryside,
one of the reasons for the move was to get away from the ever growing RFI
noise of the previous urban neighbourhood. With the new house came a Trojan
UV water filter or bacteria killer. With this unit I have noticed a wee bit
of noise on an AM radio. At this time the Ham Radio gear is still packed in
boxes and we have no antennas up at this time, so I have no way of testing
with a real radio.

However, I do suspect RF noise from the 'electronic guts' of the Trojan as
when I put my hand near it the noise on the AM radio gets louder. Has anyone
a solid fix for these UV filters or is it just better to unplug it during
contest/DX weekends?

Normally I would start a web search on such problems, but..... I am now on a
dial-up connection and have a very slooowww internet, so can't do efficient
searches at this time..

With thanks, 
Eric - VE3GSI

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