[RFI] Sears battery charger model #200.71222

Cortland Richmond ka5s at earthlink.net
Fri Apr 9 18:27:24 PDT 2010

NOT a new problem:



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>> Thanks for taking this charger back. I have had serious rfi from a 
>> neighbor who has an earlier version. Unfortunately it continues... 
>> We 
>> need to take devices that cause RFI back to the point of sale. 
>> Hopefully 
>> more hams will follow your lead.
>> Steve WB5OMP
>Hi Steve,
>You're welcome!  I did return it today and politely made sure
>the sales person recorded my complaint correctly.  She said
>that someone does review each return and complaint, but
>didn't know who or where.  I told her that I could
>probably cure the noise with a 10-cent part.  She was "amazed".
>The ~$75 battery charger doesn't even have an on/off switch.  To
>review, it makes noise when there is little or no load on the
>charging leads.  So, if a guy, perhaps like your neighbor, 
>just disconnects the battery and just lets the leads 
>dangle (!!!!) with the charger plugged into the AC wall 
>socket, it generates a lot of RFI.  
>Somehow, Sears and perhaps others that sell similar units needs to
>know about the problem and (heh...heh) do a recall.  Fat chance
>of that happening.  
>Since the BPL issue is pretty much dead, perhaps a new and
>tougher RFI mission is in order?
>Charlie, N0TT

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