[RFI] HVAC Variable Speed Motors

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> Give York credit for instantly responding with information about their RFI Kit (which, by the way, is a stock item in their Oklahoma facility), but wouldn't it be nicer if a little more time and pennies had been put into minimizing the loop areas and doing some other

So that's what they do up there (the Johnson Controls, nee York, nee
Westinghouse plant is here in Norman).

I have a WaterFurnace Envision and I don't hear it.  Or at least if
there is RFI, it's not enough to bother me.

I hear my Whirlpool Duet washing machine (oh, do I hear it).

But the heatpump is quiet.  Looking at the specs, though, it seems to
have a variable-speed fan.  Maybe they shield?  They have extensive
documentation on their site if folks are interested.

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