[RFI] Power line noise

K8TB k8tb at bosscher.org
Mon Feb 8 16:38:23 PST 2010

Ash, the other have pointed out that you need to go higher frequency. 
Check around your local repeaters and someone must have one of those 
really cute FT-817's. Has 144 and 432 built in. Then use a 2 meter or 
432 antenna, put the 817 on AM, and turn off the AGC (menu function). 
This setup is very portable, and as others have indicated, your lo band 
DFing may be thrown off by quite a factor.
     Try this and get back to the group. (This is my biggest request on 
this forum. I can't go to sleep until you report back that you found the 
spot :)

     tom K8TB, with a K3 in the shack :)

On 2/8/2010 1:36 PM, Ash Thornton wrote:
> I found it with a loop cut for 7Mhz and a K3. Several other hams
> in the local neighborhood have the same noise problem I am seeing,
> 160-40. I see S9 +20-30 noise under several poles and then drops off
> rapidly as I move along the line.

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