[RFI] Power line noise && RE: I will have you arrested

kd4e doc at kd4e.com
Wed Feb 10 06:27:15 PST 2010

You may want to get your Tech license (it is a somewhat
trivial exercise in short-term memory).

Once you have that then join at least one of the
disaster response groups e.g. ARES, RACES, Red Cross,
CERT, Skywarn, etc.

Then try to drag Homeland Security into the fray - the
grounds would be that the failure of the utility to resolve
the interference that they are creating is preventing you 
from communicating as a Homeland Security disaster-response
volunteer (even if that communication is only part of your
training and not the actual response).

Perhaps a nasty-gram from a Homeland Security bureaucrat
suggesting a federal investigation by multiple agencies
might tweak their attention?

When dealing with bureaucracy, government or private, the
way to get their attention is to raise their hassle-level.
If they believe that you can tie them in knots with
government "bots" with nothing better to do but to demand
paperwork and demand measurements and prove they have met 
the government's never-ending regulation they will choose
the easier path of fixing the problem.

If they believe that they can ignore you without it costing
them a hassle then they will go that route.

Since the current folks in power, despite the rest of us
having to live with less, are adding federal employees at
high salaries and benefits like crazy they will be looking
for ways to justify their existence - why not get them doing
something constructive?

> Dealing the _big business_ can be an exercise in frustration.
> Dealing with FP&L (now Progress Energy) is  ........ un printable.
> Fallowed the /sound/ advice found here, purchased books on EMI/RFI
> issues and educated self,  localized at least 2 of the offending rfi sources
> (at my time, and expense),  only to be sent a bulb-changer flunkie
> who attempted to deal with the issues at hand (while prefessing he had had no
> idea that cycleing streetlight caused rfi [untill i told him so]).
> To be fair he did partially 
> reduce the rfi levels by replaceing 3 streetlight bulbs in the local
> vecinity that were cycleing off and on all night long.
> No attempts to fix the hardware (or corona, or leaky insulators) at 
> the poles I had initially indicated as suspect.
> (he wasn't equipped to handle that type of issue)
> He didn't bring any equipment to do any testing.
> Did provide a general location of suspects by using a UHF AM handheld.
> Now, after a yr, there are 6 streetlights in the vicinity that cycle.
> plus what wasn't addressed has gotten worse.
> It used to simple phonecall to contact a knowledgeable person at their 
> local depot  (and to know just who one should talk to by name) 
> now it's a chore and a half trying to contact
> a human at their new 800 toll-free phone-tree; Then to explain
> to them what is wanted is another chore.
> If anyone has some inside information as just who to contact with-in FP&L....
> A lowly SWL with not even the privledges an FCC licensed ham might have 
> when dealing with rfi.
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