[RFI] Power line noise && RE: I will have you arrested

Jon D. Garner garnerj at bellsouth.net
Tue Feb 9 22:14:36 PST 2010

Dealing the _big business_ can be an exercise in frustration.
Dealing with FP&L (now Progress Energy) is  ........ un printable.

Fallowed the /sound/ advice found here, purchased books on EMI/RFI
issues and educated self,  localized at least 2 of the offending rfi sources
(at my time, and expense),  only to be sent a bulb-changer flunkie
who attempted to deal with the issues at hand (while prefessing he had had no
idea that cycleing streetlight caused rfi [untill i told him so]).
To be fair he did partially 
reduce the rfi levels by replaceing 3 streetlight bulbs in the local
vecinity that were cycleing off and on all night long.

No attempts to fix the hardware (or corona, or leaky insulators) at 
the poles I had initially indicated as suspect.
(he wasn't equipped to handle that type of issue)
He didn't bring any equipment to do any testing.

Did provide a general location of suspects by using a UHF AM handheld.

Now, after a yr, there are 6 streetlights in the vicinity that cycle.
plus what wasn't addressed has gotten worse.

It used to simple phonecall to contact a knowledgeable person at their 
local depot  (and to know just who one should talk to by name) 
now it's a chore and a half trying to contact
a human at their new 800 toll-free phone-tree; Then to explain
to them what is wanted is another chore.

If anyone has some inside information as just who to contact with-in FP&L....


A lowly SWL with not even the privledges an FCC licensed ham might have 
when dealing with rfi.


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