[RFI] warning on led bulb

Fri Jul 2 12:52:24 PDT 2010

I just tracked down a new birdie on 160m to an LED spotlight replacement
bulb I picked up in Dayton.  It is similar to the middle one at:
but with a slightly shorter white spacer.  It must have a switching
regulator in it to put out the hash that I measured off it.  It is listed as
50w and works over a voltage range of 85-265VAC.  One similar product was
listed as having a constant current regulator which probably accounts for
the wide voltage range and the hash it was making.  The box is a no-name box
with the only markings being a Made in China sticker and JB-P50W-A3x1W
AC85-265V (JB may be cut off UB).  

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