[RFI] HomePlug Experience?

Michael Keane, K1MK k1mk at alum.mit.edu
Fri Jul 16 06:20:18 PDT 2010

The HomePlug standard requires notching of the amateur bands (in the US, 
unfortunately not elsewhere)

Ed Hare <w1rfi at arrl.org> can provide pointers to the details of HomePlug 
testing by ARRL

Mike K1MK

On 07/16/2010 07:29 AM, K1TTT wrote:
> I was afraid of that also when I put in a pv system.  The pv inverters talk
> to a monitoring box using 144khz plc which is very narrow band and no
> problem.  But because of the limited range the monitoring box had to be too
> far from my router, so the company sent me a pair of homeplug bridges.  They
> are supposed to be 4-20MHz, but I can't hear them.  Perhaps this is only
> because of the relatively low data rate and intermittent transfers actually
> used, but they don't seem to be a problem here.
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>> Eric Rosenberg wrote:
>>>   It looks like I'll need HomePlug to get from my router in the basement
>>> to the second floor, as no wireless devices penetrate this 70-year old
>>> plaster and lathing house.
>>> I presently have five Ethernet runs in the basement and two to the main
>>> floor above the shack.  They don't appear to be noisy or have an impact
>>> on my urban station.
>>> Do any of you have experience with HomePlug in/near the shack?
>>> I'd like to know about your experience!
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