[RFI] 40M RFI from Ooma VOIP phone hub - HELP!

Tim Duffy K3LR k3lr at k3lr.com
Fri Mar 26 06:19:44 PDT 2010

In addition to the FCC report that needs to be sent in concerning your
experience and the interference in the 40 meter band - PLEASE report your
findings to Ed Hare at ARRL HQ as well.

It important that these problems be tracked so that the severity (in
numbers) is well documented.

Tim K3LR

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Someone in production probably cut costs by removing all those 'unnecessary'
filter caps that engineering put on to get it past fcc acceptance tests...
assuming they were actually tested properly.  Report directly to the fcc,
you won't convince the company to recall and fix them without the fcc
dumping on them.

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>  *40M RFI from Ooma VOIP phone hub - HELP!*
>   by KE6L <http://www.eham.net/user/profile/KE6L> on March 25, 2010
> <http://www.eham.net/forums/mailto/29?id=3239>   Recently, I experienced
> on 7.040 MHz. It sounded like a buzz saw, with many sidebands +/- 10 KHz.
> The signal was 20 dB over S9 on my FT-1000D. N6KI assisted me, and we
> chased
> the problem to a neighbor about a block away. It did not take long to
> isolate the source: An Ooma phone hub VOIP phone. People buy these for
> $250
> and get free phone calls over the net. It's just the hub - you plug a
> phone
> into it. You also plug it into your residential telephone wiring (after
> disconnecting from the local carrier), so you can use other jacks.
> I tested the unit, and it is always oscillating. Most of the energy
> radiates
> from the unit via the "wall" jack, which is what you use to access your
> house wiring system (just my luck - nice antenna). The oscillation
> frequency
> is stable. If you unplug the "wall" jack, problem is gone (will only
> radiate
> 2-3 feet).
> I've tried contacting Ooma, and they are stonewalling me. FCC Part 15 has
> no
> limits for radiation under 30 MHz (thanks FCC). There is some language
> about
> ALL radiations being minimized, however. How do I get to Ooma engineering?
> They are selling thousands of these things, and they are the kiss of death
> for 40M CW. Anybody know who/where Ooma engineering is?
> For a picture of the FCC label and model number for this unit, please use
> this link: www.jenmat.com/ooma.jpg.
> Jeff KE6L   jsloane1 at san.rr.com
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