[RFI] PV Inverters

Sat Apr 9 04:42:52 PDT 2011

I have the enphase microinverters here on a 5kw system that is right in the
middle of the antenna farm.  I have had no intereference issues with it at
all.  I can take a receiver and when the antenna is almost touching the
panels and wiring I can pick up some broadband hash, but that is no worse
than my power line in general.  The plc that it uses is a narrow band 144khz
system for collecting data from the panels, the only problem with it is the
limited range, if the panels are far (>200') from the house it may not work.

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> We are considering installing some PV to reduce our electric bills.  
> Does anyone have any experience or knowledge about RFI from 
> SolarWorld 
> panels and enphaseenergy.com inverters or solar panels and 
> inverters in 
> general?
> The fact sheet at the enphaseenergy web site says only that 
> the devices 
> are Part 15 Class B compliant.  Class B devices appear to be checked 
> only for RFI more than 10 meters from the device.    In 
> addition to the 
> inverter itself, there is also some sort of 'Powerline' communication 
> over house power lines so as to get the inverters connectivity to the 
> internet.  There is a converter device that plugs into a AC 
> outlet and 
> into our router.
> 73
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