[RFI] Passive Cellphone Repeater?

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I've done exactly what you are proposing and the results are not impressive
but at times can make the difference between making a call and not being
able to. It is most affective when you're within a few feet of the indoor
antenna and the outside high gain yagi needs to be pointed correctly or it
can be useless or even worse than using a vertical antenna.
The results using an amp in line give a little better results but never what
is claimed by the manufacturer.

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It seemed to me that someone here will know about this ...

We are in a steel building and have been using a Samsung Internet-GPS black
box to generate a cellphone signal.

However, whenever there is a power glitch (three times today due to high
wind gusts in the area) we lose the connection.

If we go outside we can get a signal off the tower.

SO ...

Has anyone rigged a passive repeater using a gain-type outside antenna and
an omnidirectional inside antenna with only coax connecting the two

It seems as though that may be more reliable than the black box device ...
if it works.



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