[RFI] rfi after rain

Steve K7AWB k7awbgoog at gmail.com
Wed Jul 27 16:27:51 PDT 2011

I usually welcomed rain at my last location in the Spokane Valley, WA as the rain minimized the power line interference I got on many bands including 6 meters. 

 Now, at a new location 25 miles away in the country, Last year I experienced RFI during the rain with it disappearing when things dried out -  on 6 meters.  It was due to all the moss on the North side of a support pole in my yard.  The utility guy scraped some of the moss off and the noise immediately disappeared.  I guess the moss was providing a high resistance path for arcing.

They scraped enough off so I could operate successfully and in a month or so, came back and replaced the entire pole for me at no cost.

Steve Sala
Nine Mile Falls, WA
438 grids ARRL confirmed-6 meters

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