[RFI] Signal on 14.2 MHz

Johnson, Karin Karin.Johnson at nielsen.com
Fri Oct 21 05:35:12 PDT 2011

Hello All:
I love a good mystery.  I've done a bit of research by looking around
the internet at some sigint sites and other
intruder watch sites.  The nearest I can figure is that this signal is a
type of Over The Horizon Radar.  With the 
exception of the data from Pete N4ZR, which I'll try to explain in a
minute, this signal is originating South to South East
of my location in Florida.  I found an interesting website,
www.gcmap.com  which will permit you enter locations at
and have it plot the great circle path on a map.  By using the two
bearing information's sent by two posters in response to 
my original post, 100 degrees from roughly SFO (San Francisco,CA)and 130
degrees from roughly BNA(Nashville,TN), the
bearings cross roughly in the vicinity of Cuba.  Of course this doesn't
mean too  much but it does spark some interesting 
curiosity factors.   I'm not sure why Pete's bearing info pointed to the
northwest, maybe backscatter at the time of day
he looked at this signal.  Not really sure on my part.  Also from my
location this signal does appear to go off the air approximately
near early evening hours.  Although this could be propagation changing.
I can't really be specific about this.  
Anyway with all this speculation on my part that is what I'm coming to
the conclusion about this signal.  Way too much time
On my hands, I need to get another hobby.

Cheers All,

Karin Anne Johnson  K3UU  P.E.
Palm Harbor, Florida

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