[RFI] RFI to and from adjacent cell site

Dick Hanson dick at dkhanson.com
Sat Sep 3 04:44:03 PDT 2011

Good morning,

As John correctly states, there is a Verizon 150' monopole cell site on our
30 acre property.
It has been operational for nearly 3 years now.

It is 200' from my 140' 40m, 15m and 17m rotating tower.
It is 350' from my 110' 20m, 12m and 10m rotating tower.
It is 380' from my 110' 6m and 2m rotating tower with a 4 stack of 7 el six
meter Yagis and a 2-stack of 2m Yagis.

I have heard nary a peep from the Verizon site, so I would have to say their
equipment thus far has not induced any sort of interference into my station.

Dick, K5AND

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> I know that Dick, K5AND, has a cell tower on his property.  It is
> probably a couple/few hundred feet from his very extensive HF and
> VHF/UHF station.  I have never heard him mention any issues but he
> might have useful comments.
> --John  W0UN

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