[RFI] RFI to and from adjacent cell site

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Thank you all for taking the time to reply.  I do have a few more things 
to think about. As several have pointed out, the future is unknowable.


On 9/3/2011 7:44 AM, Dick Hanson wrote:
> Good morning,
> As John correctly states, there is a Verizon 150' monopole cell site on our
> 30 acre property.
> It has been operational for nearly 3 years now.
> It is 200' from my 140' 40m, 15m and 17m rotating tower.
> It is 350' from my 110' 20m, 12m and 10m rotating tower.
> It is 380' from my 110' 6m and 2m rotating tower with a 4 stack of 7 el six
> meter Yagis and a 2-stack of 2m Yagis.
> I have heard nary a peep from the Verizon site, so I would have to say their
> equipment thus far has not induced any sort of interference into my station.
> 73
> Dick, K5AND
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>> I know that Dick, K5AND, has a cell tower on his property.  It is
>> probably a couple/few hundred feet from his very extensive HF and
>> VHF/UHF station.  I have never heard him mention any issues but he
>> might have useful comments.
>> --John  W0UN
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