[RFI] RFI & Alarm Systems?

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Fri Aug 3 17:06:23 PDT 2012

I may have misunderstood what you wrote.

It sounded as though you reported that their "unintended radiation" 
extended far beyond their building into the street and into your vehicle 
- jamming your use of 440.

That sounds like a serious RFI problem to me.

Manufacturers and installers don't care unless their customers are
inconvenienced, or they get a letter from the FCC, and customers
don't care as they aren't Hams.

Just thought it might be entertaining to trip the system as you
cruise on by until they fix it.

I suppose I should get out more ... ;-)

> : You could try a big 440 amp in your mobile and see how good their
> : incoming filters are ... the problem may resolve itself when they
> : protect it against incoming overloading they will also stop their
> : unintentional illegal jamming 'broadcasts'.
> The stuff I mentioned is licensed to operate on those frequencies, all
> mentioned, plus MORE.  No broadcasts, no jamming, that's where they belong.
> All the alarms and even anti-lock brakes on cars I've ever interfered with
> have been when using HF.  A 440 amp would just interfere with a few devices
> near your operating frequency.
> Kurt


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