[RFI] RFI & Alarm Systems?

KD7JYK DM09 kd7jyk at earthlink.net
Fri Aug 3 17:24:51 PDT 2012

: It sounded as though you reported that their "unintended radiation"
: extended far beyond their building into the street and into your vehicle
: - jamming your use of 440.

No, all the freqs I mentioned are ones I happen to know off the top of my 
head used for wireless alarm systems.  Even the 440 MHz stuff.  I've never 
noted RFI from one, though I suppose the electronics could cause problems 
and maybe their power supplies.  Many of the systems in general, however, 
are very sensitive to legal radio operations.  I've triggered many with a CB 
running 4W into a 102" whip and many more running 100W in the Ham band using 
a 12' whip.  In fact, when I would visit larger cities, I'd get a kick out 
of calling CQ and leaving a swath of building and vehicle alarms going off 
behind me for miles, like the wake of a ship.  Hilarious!


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