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Jim and All,

I strongly suspect (but can't prove) that one reason (maybe the MAIN reason) that engineers at the appliance makers are so lacking in EMC/RFI knowledge is the "free pass" they get from the FCC on meeting emissions standards.  I just attended the 2012 IEEE EMC Symposium in Pittsburgh, and I can truthfully say that I do not recall seeing a single attendee there from a major appliance company.  The same holds for the past many years, as well.  Of course, some appliance makers have other divisions that might have attendees in the EMC areana, but I have to wonder.

Except for active hams, doing something about emissions from one's own equipment is just not a priority item, at least for US-based makers.  I know we have some subscribers in Europe and Canada, so if yhou happen to know if your country's regulatory body applies RFI standards to major home appliances (clothes washers, dryers, dish washers, etc.), please post comments.  Thank you.

73, Dale

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>> I get carriers every 18 khz from the furnace blower variable speed control.
>> The contratct said "they would work with me" if any problems. I have not
>> pushed that
>> to any extent because they gave me a contact number at Lennox and that was a
>> total waste.
>Repeat after me -- if you're not part of the solution, you're part of 
>the problem.  DO PUSH IT, DO MAKE THEM FIX IT.  By NOT pushing it, we 
>make it just that much more difficult for everyone else who gets screwed 
>by the bad (cheap) engineering.  The world is awash in noise.  We must 
>either fight to reduce it, or eventually give up ham radio. It's that 
>73, Jim K9YC
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