[RFI] Getting a Gas Furnace, and Electric AC unit...

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 Don't know whether to top post or bottom post - but I don't care for
 being described as "part of the problem". You do not know the
 situation or the background and that comment is unfair and disturbing
. People have priorities driven by personal situations - that system
 was installed 3 days after I left hospital - 30 days later I was back
 in thru the ER and was on edge buying the farm for another week - and
 am now faced with possibly facing same situation again .  Some spurs
 every 18 khz are sure as hell not my biggest concern at this point 
 have they been for past year.

 I was just answering the question of specific manufacturer model
 numbers that have exhibited an issue.

 Hank K7HP
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>> Jim and All,
>> I strongly suspect (but can't prove) that one reason (maybe the 
>> MAIN reason) that engineers at the appliance makers are so lacking 
>> in EMC/RFI knowledge is the "free pass" they get from the FCC on 
>> meeting emissions standards.  I just attended the 2012 IEEE EMC 
>> Symposium in Pittsburgh, and I can truthfully say that I do not 
>> recall seeing a single attendee there from a major appliance 
>> company.  The same holds for the past many years, as well.  Of 
>> course, some appliance makers have other divisions that might have 
>> attendees in the EMC areana, but I have to wonder.
>> Except for active hams, doing something about emissions from one's 
>> own equipment is just not a priority item, at least for US-based 
>> makers.  I know we have some subscribers in Europe and Canada, so 
>> if yhou happen to know if your country's regulatory body applies 
>> RFI standards to major home appliances (clothes washers, dryers, 
>> dish washers, etc.), please post comments.  Thank you.
>> 73, Dale
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>>>On 8/13/2012 6:11 PM, pfizenmayer wrote:
>>>> I get carriers every 18 khz from the furnace blower variable 
>>>> speed control.
>>>> The contratct said "they would work with me" if any problems. I 
>>>> have not
>>>> pushed that
>>>> to any extent because they gave me a contact number at Lennox and 
>>>> that was a
>>>> total waste.
>>>Repeat after me -- if you're not part of the solution, you're part 
>>>the problem.  DO PUSH IT, DO MAKE THEM FIX IT.  By NOT pushing it, 
>>>make it just that much more difficult for everyone else who gets 
>>>by the bad (cheap) engineering.  The world is awash in noise.  We 
>>>either fight to reduce it, or eventually give up ham radio. It's 
>>>73, Jim K9YC
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