[RFI] Telephones and DSL

Roger D Johnson n1rj at roadrunner.com
Fri Dec 14 15:17:48 EST 2012

Here it is Friday afternoon and no response from Fairpoint. Does
anyone know how to get in touch with any of their maintenance
people in the Portland, Me area?

Thanks, Roger

Roger D Johnson wrote:
> I got out a telescoping fiberglas pole, taped a sniffer antenna
> to it and took it out to the suspect pole. The telco line seems
> to be hot with the RFI that's been bugging me. Tha cable TV line
> about a foot above is much quieter. NO! I did not extend the pole
> and sniff around the 14 KV power line!
> Getting through the companies voice mail to someone who knows what
> you're talking about is a real hassle!
> 73, Roger

Remember the Liberty (AGTR-5)

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