[RFI] HDTV: Plasma vs LCD

dalej dj2001x at comcast.net
Wed Dec 26 18:10:48 EST 2012

It's a political appointment, even though he's retired from his FCC work maybe Riley H. has a chance.  If we write some letters...  :)

We need someone like him to grab the bull by the horns and get the RFI garbage cleaned up.  It's been neglected for a long time so it would take time to clean out the material pipe line. 

Dale, K9VUJ
Bloomington, Mn.

On 26, Dec 2012, at 9:36, Dale Svetanoff <svetanoff at earthlink.net> wrote:

> One has to wonder what the story would be if the US was to ever have a
> licensed, active ham as an FCC Commissioner (not likely anytime soon - if
> ever!) who gets clobbered by garbage emissions from Part 15 devices in
> his/her home or from neighbors.  Oh well, worth a few chuckles.
> 73, 
> Dale Svetanoff, WA9ENA
> Sr EMC Engineer
> E-N-A Systems, LLC
> Specializing in shielding applications, system grounding, and lightning
> protection

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