[RFI] HDTV: Plasma vs LCD

Kim Elmore cw_de_n5op at sbcglobal.net
Wed Dec 26 18:16:59 EST 2012

I'm reasonably sure that the FCC's regulatory policy is about the 
same regardless of  the administration. Like Roger said, lack of guts 
has nothing to do with the FCCs regulatory policy. For decades, the 
mantra has been "less regulation." If the FCC were to genuinely try 
to create, or even energetically enforce, regulation that protected 
the sanctity of the HF spectrum, corporations would immediately howl 
about over regulation and how it inhibits creativity. Yes, it's all 
pure, unadulterated crapola, but these  complaints have traction. 
It's about profit.

It took a long time to finally drive a stake through LightSquared 's 
heart because there was a lot of money on the line and regulators had 
to balance the incapacitation of GPS against a lot of investors money 
and large corporate interests. By the slimmest of margins 
LightSquared lost, but it took far longer than it should have.

Government/military installations are not widespread in the CONUS and 
anything significant is also far away from the (electronic) hue and 
cry of consumer electronics. The stuff that kills us poses no 
impediment to government/military communications. Brodcast AM? No one 
listens to broadcast AM at home anymore, so any "protection" we got 
from that is gone, too.

Hams are a teeny, tiny minority. Our activities simply don't affect 
the big picture of corporate profit except to at least 
infinitesimally reduce it. So, as has always been the case, we're not 
worth protecting. In fact, doing so will negatively affect the 
corporate bottom line -- it's been that way for decades, so this isn't new.

While we are certainly passionate about what we do, see value in it, 
and understand that keeping the RF world "clean" equates to being 
able to use it to its full potential, Jack and Jill consumer 
certainly won't spend an extra penny to protect us. I am truly 
dedicated to amateur radio, it has been a major  part of my life for 
over 40 years and I expect it to be for at least the next 40. Yet, if 
we (hams) were to disappear tomorrow, we would not be missed until 
the next disaster or severe weather outbreak. Until then, we are as 
invisible to the public as we are inscrutable.

Just my $0.02 worth.

Kim N5OP

At 10:01 AM 12/26/2012, Roger (K8RI) wrote:

>I seriously doubt it's "lack of guts", although common sense is another issue.
>If you look at their recent history you should easily identify a 
>trend.  Look at what they did with LightSquared, violating their own 
>rules in the process. Look at the revolving door from the agency to 
>high places in industry.  Not saying they have a conflict of 
>interest, but when they have to violate their own rules to please 
>the present administration it might lead to an atmosphere of trying 
>to please...well, use your imagination.
>OTOH shortages of personnel and funds have always been a hallmark of the FCC
>Whether it be over regulation or lack of enforcement in specific 
>areas it is endemic across many agencies, not that I'd accuse any of 
>them of favoritism or wrong doing.  Far from it. I'm sure they 
>"Want" to do as their charter says if they were allowed to do so.

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