[RFI] In house RFI, but

Dan Violette danki6x at socal.rr.com
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Since there is nothing on it, keep it off until you figure what is missing
other than a couple lights and empty plugs...  Dan KI6X

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Hi Gang,
Yesterday, when a friend came over for FD, we decided to try and chase down
some of the nouse issues at my QTH.  Well, we found some nasty noise that
turned off with circuit breaker 18 in my house.  OK, not problem right?
Wrong, because other than 2 lightbulbs (incandescent) and 2 outlets that
have nothing plugged in, I can't FIND anything on circuit 18!!  I KNOW,
there MUST be more - and that I'm missing something, but like a LOT of old
houses, I really have NO idea exactly what is on circuit 18

Is there any way to track RFI inside the house to a closer location than
using my ham rig with outside antenna?

BTW, the kitchen renovation installed some of those new under cabinet LED
lights - boy they are BAD - but no idea where the power supplies are - my
thing - leave them OFF when on the air

73 de KG2V - Charles Gallo
Quality Custom Machine-shop work for the radio amateur (sm)

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