[RFI] rfi problem

N1BUG paul at n1bug.com
Fri Nov 2 08:43:09 EDT 2012

Back in the late 1980s, not long after cable came to town, we had 
massive problems with crud all over VHF/UHF including a whopping 
carrier on 145.25. In this case, it turned out to be poor 
installation by the cable company, not anything subscribers did.

Several calls to the company resulted in denial of any problem. One 
day we discovered we could get almost every cable channel by turning 
our rooftop antenna toward a box (line amp?) on a nearby pole and 
routing it to the cable box. After a subsequent call requesting our 
cable be disconnected because we were getting it for free with a 
rooftop antenna, a problem that was previously said to not exist was 
miraculously fixed - and fast! They never entered any homes, but 
replaced that box and associated connectors on the pole. The carrier 
level on 145.25 dropped to a rather low level and all other crud 


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