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dalej dj2001x at comcast.net
Tue Oct 9 18:25:09 EDT 2012

Thanks Paul,

The Alinco I was referring to is a 144/440/1.2 walke-talke, so it has more to do functions of course.  What I'm looking for is a very portable rx that I can punch in freq to the keypad and select a mode without having the manual along.  Exactly the same purpose you use yours for, sniffing noise.  

My first trip will be to my neighbors house, IF I can get them to consent to a noise search.  I'm almost 100 percent sure it's either the dimmer switch or their kitchen lighting that is causing a blanket 15 db above normal noise floor noise. I have another ham in the area that might help me.  It might take a while.  I'm willing to buy them a new dimmer if it can be determined it is the culprit.  It could also be a switching PS that powers the fancy kitchen lighting. I think it is buried in the ceiling though and would be tough to troubleshoot.  It could also be a bad wiring job, that would even be more difficult.  They had their kitchen remodeled a few years ago and that's when the noise started.  

I've been here a few weeks short of 39 years and it's been a quiet location up until the remodeling.  Trying to work any DX on 40 or 75 after the kitchen lights are on at 5:30 to 7:30 weekdays and all weekend long, is almost impossible.   

The DJ-X11 looks promising and it's less expensive than the Icom, I'll have a look at the manual and see if I can handle it while on the go.

Can anyone recommend a RFI proof dimmer switch that I can buy to exchange with my neighbor?

Tnx, 73
Dale, k9vuj

On 09, Oct 2012, at 16:34, N1BUG <paul at n1bug.com> wrote:

> On 10/09/2012 08:59 AM, dalej wrote:
>> I have one question regarding your Alinco receiver.  How is it
>> for ease of use?  Do you need the manual along to operate it.
>> The reason I ask is I already have an Alinco DJ-G7 which is a
>> bear to program without the manual.
> Hi Dale,
> I have no experience with the earlier unit so I am not able to make comparisons. I haven't tried to use memories yet, as I haven't needed them. They may very well be a bear. After 5 minutes with the manual when I opened the box, I have had no problems setting frequency, mode, attenuator, tone, tuning step and other basic functions. Even after using it for a few hours and putting it aside for a month I was able to navigate basic functions without the manual. That is not typical for me with modern devices. Personally I would call it intuitive once one gather two or three very basic concepts from the manual. Most basic functions are accessed the same way: Push the function button; push the button for the function you want, such as MODE, STEP, ATT, etc.; rotate the tune knob to select the desired option; press the function button to exit set mode and return to normal display. Frequencies can be easily entered directly from the keypad: very useful for big changes.
> By the way, I also found it to be a good "sniffer" for adding chokes to network associated cables in order to minimize ethernet birdies in my station.
> 73,
> Paul N1BUG

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