[RFI] Fluorescent Light RFI

knesbitt k.nesbitt at shaw.ca
Fri Oct 26 13:19:07 EDT 2012

perhaps a naive question, but has anyone brought this subject up with 
Industry Canada? I have a difficult time understanding why a 
"commercial" product is designed to a lower standard than a 
consumer/residential device. In my mind, a commercial ballast would  
require more stringent emi limits given the likelihood they'd be used in 
much higher concentration (office buildings, factories etc).

Kirb - VE6IV

On 25/10/12 20:57, Eric - VE3GSI wrote:
> Tony,
> I just this week bought 7 fluorescent fixtures from Lowe's, labeled 
> 'performance shop light plus'. These are the plug in domestic type 
> fixture and I found them to be RF quiet. They appear to be by a 
> company called American Fluorescent (made in China). At forty bucks a 
> fixture they are cheaper then most replacement ballast.
> But as Mike - KM0T has mentioned,  be very much aware of the comercial 
> broad voltage range ballast, i.e. types like Sylvinia and Triad (and I 
> am sure others). I tried the commercial lights with these type of 
> ballast and they were so noisy the 'damn' things actually wiped out 
> all but the very strong local FM stations on my shop radio. 
> Interesting, I did not find them to cause any problems on my HF gear, 
> but my Ham antennas are located away from the shop.
> One thing about the big box stores like Lowe's and Home Depot, they 
> take items back if you find they are not what you want.  In fact, I 
> simply bought several different fixtures to try and took back the ones 
> not suited for the job and as the case of the commercial units unfit 
> for use around a radio. Mike has detailed a post on commercial 
> fixtures, in short, I echo his views and like him found most sellers 
> could care less.  I did have one person tell me to buy a better 
> radio... no I did not hit him, I did come close though.
> Eric - VE3GSI.
> PS.
> I did have an electrician offer me all the magnetic ballast I want 
> just for the asking (no fixtures).  The ballast are the ones removed 
> from commercial sites where they are upgrading customers with the 
> electronic ballast to lower electric costs. I can see in places where 
> there are several hundred fixtures, or more,  it definitely would 
> lower electrical costs.  In any case, for those interested, try your 
> local commercial electrician to see what they are tossing in the 
> garbage bin.
> er.

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