[RFI] rfi problem

Michael Brown k9mi at comcast.net
Wed Oct 31 13:19:37 EDT 2012

I've had this RFI problem for 5 months now. I thought it was a power line as 
I've had 4 in a 10 year period. They local utility says they can't find 
anything wrong. Just to make sure it wasn't something in the house, I ran 
the hf rig off of a battery while shutting off power to the entire house, 
and the noise remained. I sent a file to a friend who has a spectrum 
analyzer and he said it appeared to have video in in.

I've talked to Comcast twice, first they were going to send out a 
'contractor' to check it out, and he would be there in about a week. 3 weeks 
passed and I called them yesterday and they said that they had no 
responsibility in it since my cable tv works fine.

I have put 4 files on my web site, k9mi.com and for some reason the one at 
the top doesn't play, but the other 3 do. If anyone would check them out and 
have any ideas on what the source of this is I would really appreciate it.

73 - Mike, K9MI

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