[RFI] Interference from Oil Burner Ignitor

Bob at N2SCJ.net Bob at N2SCJ.net
Sun Dec 1 09:27:17 EST 2013

I recently had the igniter fail on my oil burner.  The replacement was an 
Allanson 2275-U as per the bill.  The interference comes through over top of 
a station on the AM Broadcast band (KYW-1060).  Its also getting into one of 
my FM rigs and/or my audio distribution system.  I can figure out which one 
it is as soon as I can walk again (burst Baker's cyst).  I can tell it’s the 
heater as I hear it start and at same time the tick, tick, tick, tick, sound 
comes over the AM radio.  The noise lasts for about a minute and burner 
continues to fire.  There is a logic circuit built into the heater that 
deactivates the igniter once circuit is sure the fire is burning.  I believe 
that is why the noise stops before burner shuts down.

The old igniter was RF quiet when it was working.  Probably even quieter 
once it failed.

This is a new install done on 11/27.  I have not paid the bill yet, so I 
have some leverage with the service company.  I think the igniter would be 
classified as an un-intentional radiator.  Any thoughts on how to proceed?


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