[RFI] Gotta Love EWEB Power

David Cole dave at nk7z.net
Tue Dec 3 09:48:17 EST 2013

Hi All,

Normally folks are not happy with the power company's response time.
Our club took the time to work with our power company, Eugene Water and
Electric Board, in Eugene, OR., in order to set up a process for dealing
with RFI in a non contentious way.

We set up a process with them for reporting RFI, and are working with
them to help them reduce the number of ham related call outs that happen
when the ham does not even kill his/her own power as a first test.  

The process is as follows:

1.  A ham has an RFI problem and asks for help.
2.  The club assigns someone to assist the ham in locating it.
3.  Most of the time we can find it and save the power company a truck

In turn the power company agreed to be responsive to our RFI complaints,
and provide feedback as to time lines for corrective actions... 

We got our first test last week...  An offending street lamp was coming
on and going off all night every night...  

It was reported it to the power company on Thursday, and the answer from
the power company was that it would be fixed by next Thursday and could
we drive by and check!!!

Very nice response time, friendly people, and the RFI problem is going
to get fixed!  It pays to be kind to the power company and do your
homework first before calling them for every single RFI noise.  They
will help you, if you help them.  

I am very happy with the power company, and will probably write a note
to someone within the power company thanking them, and the people

Thanks and 73's,
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