[RFI] Interference from Oil Burner Ignitor

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I watched the Tech do his thing.  Tech closed the spark gap on igniter a 
little.  He used some sort of go no/go gauge to bend electrodes.  Also he 
bent up the electrodes so that they would be more likely to make contact 
with igniter springs and therefore eliminate one set of arcing contacts. 
Tightened AC wire connections.  It reduced the problem, but did not 
eliminate it.


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Tell them it is interfering with your AM radio reception... you can suspect 
that maybe a ground wasn't reconnected, or maybe a bolt isn't holding it 
tight to the case, or maybe a dirty connection, or even possibly a cut wire 
or a hv wire too close to some metal that is arcing.  In any case it 
shouldn't interfere, especially to AM radio or an audio system.

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I recently had the igniter fail on my oil burner.  The replacement was an 
Allanson 2275-U as per the bill.  The interference comes through over top of 
a station on the AM Broadcast band (KYW-1060).  Its also getting into one of 
my FM rigs and/or my audio distribution system.  I can figure out which one 
it is as soon as I can walk again (burst Baker's cyst).  I can tell it’s the 
heater as I hear it start and at same time the tick, tick, tick, tick, sound 
comes over the AM radio.  The noise lasts for about a minute and burner 
continues to fire.  There is a logic circuit built into the heater that 
deactivates the igniter once circuit is sure the fire is burning.  I believe 
that is why the noise stops before burner shuts down.

The old igniter was RF quiet when it was working.  Probably even quieter 
once it failed.

This is a new install done on 11/27.  I have not paid the bill yet, so I 
have some leverage with the service company.  I think the igniter would be 
classified as an un-intentional radiator.  Any thoughts on how to proceed?


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