[RFI] DigiKeyer II

Kostas SV1DPI sv1dpi at otenet.gr
Thu Dec 19 00:30:39 EST 2013

Hello Peter
Try use a different usb cable with digikeyer. Usually the usb cable is 
the problem with Microham products.
Try also a different route for the cable or even better a different usb 
port. I had found one time that a usb port in front of my computer had 
rfi problems and not others. This port was connected with the 
motherboard with a long cable.
Also you will find in Jim's tutorial that mix 31 ferrites are suitable 
for rfi problems. Use better the 2.5 inches round ferrite. You will find 
the part number inside the tutorial.
By the way I had not ever problems with microkeyer products. I use a 
mk2r+ all day and I have used a digikeyer in my club's station without 
problems ever. Once a time I had some rfi in my club's digikeyer but it 
was because an unshielded cable of the cw key we tried. I changed the 
cable with a shielded one and all ok.
Good luck

73 Kostas SV1DPI

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