[RFI] Electronic faucets

W5JR.Mike w5jr.mike at gmail.com
Tue Jul 30 04:22:56 EDT 2013

The wife wants one of the electronic faucets in the new house. We had a touch on / touch off at the old house (a  Brizo Venuto series model 64070LF-PC). It responded to my 160m CW as if someone had a key hooked to it. These are battery powered but we would turn it off manually rather than me getting under the sink to try and find a solution. 

Some of the newer ones are plugged into 120vac and some are now "touch less" with an IR sensor. 

Conversations with manufacturing tech support has been a dead end as to any prior RFI cases & solutions. 

So, the question being is anyone has experience with a particular brand / model that was not RF sensitive or you were able to tame it?

Currently looking at the Kohler Sensate models. 

Mike / W5JR

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