[RFI] re Nineteen Hour Noise

Ron, K6KYJ k6kyj at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 1 13:34:45 EDT 2013

Harvest time!

Since I could not operate from the home QTH because of the aforementioned grow light RFI, I operated CW WPX from a campground in the Cascades. When I returned from my one week road trip, I found no noise at all on any bands.

For me, the obvious assumption is that the crop had reached maturity and was harvested.  (I had hoped to be in town when that happened in order to possibly observe the transportation in progress.)

As best as I can tell, the growing cycle with the lights was about 2 1/2 to 3 months.  Hopefully, this grow was a one time thing.  If not, I will invite local law enforcement to become involved.

Thanks to all on this reflector who provided information and support.  I don't have any strong opinions pro or con regarding personal cultivation of pot, but when it takes me off the air I will take it personally in the future.

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