[RFI] RFI Identification Help

Doug Scribner dscribner at myfairpoint.net
Tue Nov 12 15:48:14 EST 2013

I think I located the source of the noise. A street light that keeps cycling 
on and off...even during the day. It matches the cycle of the interference. 
I entered a trouble ticket with the local utility company and the work has 
been scheduled.

The pole is about 1/2 mile from me.

I'll post the results.

Doug - K1ZO

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> You might want to help out the local pwr company by giving them the "pole 
> number".   Where I live this is a vertical strip with 5 digits on it.
> The folk I have talked to when reporting a light out or other problem have 
> greatly appreciated this info.
> Gary...wa6fgi
> On 11/11/2013 5:32 AM, dalej wrote:
>> The street lights we have in our city (Bloomington Mn.) have a little 
>> device on top that senses when it's getting dark and to turn on the 
>> individual street lights.  When that thing goes bad or if the ballast 
>> inside the light fixture goes south, these lights can produce ungodly 
>> amount of on and off noise.  I have found these things several blocks 
>> away from my QTH with interfering noise.  Sometimes when they are in 
>> failure mode they will be on steady during the day.  So if you have this 
>> type of street light drive around for several blocks away from your QTH, 
>> night is best as these things will be on bright for a half minute or so 
>> then suddenly shut off, wait a few more seconds and you will see them 
>> start to come on slowly and that is the time they generate their noise, 
>> awful noise and on the low bands, 80 meters which I use.  Fortunately for 
>> me the local power company has responsibility for maintaining these 
>> lights and they have been responsive to my calls, depending on other
> wo
>>   rkload priority.
>> I'm not saying this is your noise source rather just sharing my 
>> experience with on off type noise, as another poster mentioned it too.
>> 73 and I hope you can find it.
>> Dale, k9vuj
>> On 11, Nov 2013, at 6:40, Doug Scribner <dscribner at myfairpoint.net> 
>> wrote:
>>> Upon further investigation I have discovered that the interference is 
>>> also present during the daytime although it is much lower in amplitude. 
>>> It still maintains the same On/Off cycle.
>>> Doug - K1ZO
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>>>> Doug, this might be a street light cycling at night. It's a little fast 
>>>> of a
>>>> cycle, but they only come on at night.
>>>> Suggest you drive your neighborhood at night with a BC radio and you 
>>>> should
>>>> be able to find this if it is a light,
>>>> while observing it go off and on.
>>>> The noise is very strong as the light comes on and quiet when it goes 
>>>> off.
>>>> Good Luck,
>>>> Lee  K7TJR
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>>>> Subject: [RFI] RFI Identification Help
>>>> Symptoms:
>>>> Primarily on 160. Although it is also present on 40 and 80. It is much
>>>> stronger on 160
>>>> Only on at night...after dark.
>>>> Cycles On and Off at set intervals. 20 seconds On and 30 seconds Off.
>>>> Produces S4-5 spikes every 2.5 to 3 Kc
>>>> A neighbor less than 1/4 mile away recently installed an electric 
>>>> fence. I
>>>> do see regular spikes, very short in duration. Not really that much of 
>>>> an
>>>> issue.
>>>> I have verified that it does not come from within my house.
>>>> I have a picture of the interference on my SM-5000 station monitor if 
>>>> anyone
>>>> thinks that would help.
>>>> Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. It has really put a damper 
>>>> on
>>>> my 160 operation.
>>>> Doug - K1ZO
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