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John Geiger af5cc at fidmail.com
Tue Nov 12 22:08:06 EST 2013

I pretty much determined it isn't coming from my house.  This morning I had 
a little time before work, and the noise showed up again, so I turned off 
all circuit breakers except for the one that the shack was on.  My daughters 
bedroom is on the same breaker, but I turned off all of the power strips in 
her room and that turned everything off.  Also turned off everything else in 
the shack except for the power strip that the rig is one.  That also powers 
the rotor and laptop.  Those things are always on and the noise isnt always 

It stayed on with everything off, so must be outside of my house. It went 
away shortly after I did this test.  It doesn't seem to be on at night, so 
wonder what might run during the day with this type of cycling that wouldn't 
be running at night.

73 John AF5CC
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> John,
> Locating the source is usually faster than speculating as to what it might 
> be.  Start with the usual - power the '706 with a battery supply and then 
> turn off power in the ENTIRE house when you are hearing the noise.  If the 
> RFI goes away, the source is somewhere in your house and you can then 
> start re-applying power one circuit breaker at a time until the noise 
> returns.  You then need to examine every device on that circuit.
> If the RFI does not go away when you power down the house, then it is time 
> for action.  You will need to take the '706 mobile or portable and start 
> traveling around the neighborhood, or even further.  Incidentally, try 
> using the rig in AM mode to see if you can hear the RFI better than with 
> SSB.  Keep us posted on how it goes.
> 73, Dale
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>>Subject: [RFI] RFI Identification Help
>>I have an RFI problem that mostly shows up during the day, and affects 
>>bands, although I notice it most on 15 and 12 meters as I am on those 
>>more during the day.  It is a buzzing type noise that comes in around S6 
>>so on my Icom 706MKII, and the NB won't do anything about it.  It doesn't
>>show up all of the time, but comes and goes,  It seems to cycle with 4
>>seconds on and 3 seconds off, and sometimes will cycle quicker than that.
>>Anyone else seen an RFI issue like this and have any idea what it might 
>>It doesn't seem to occur at night.
>>73 John AF5CC
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