[RFI] FCC releases complaint info for Jan - Mar 13

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"Further, as I and others have noted, there are no existing mandates for control of radiated emissions below roughly 30 MHz."  

Not at the manufacturer level, but they do send out nice letters and an occasional warning to owners of equipment causing harmful interference.  It may take time, but the FCC does eventually get some or most of these resolved, particularly power line sources since there is a company for them to contact.

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The current on-line issue of "In Compliance", a trade rag, had a very interesting link to information that the FCC has just recently released regarding complaints filed with the agency by consumers.  Here is the link, but please read on below it:


Note: you may have to copy and paste into your browser if it does not appear as an active link for you.

Next note: I sent you the link to the article, rather than the report itself, for one interesting reason: the article tells how MANY complaints were filed, the FCC report does NOT.  What the FCC report does do is summarize the top categories of complaints filed for its various jurisdictions.  RFI issues, the primary interest of this group, fall under "Broadcasting".  Sadly, there are no details of just what these complaints amounted to or their particular subject matter.  

There have been many recent posts on this reflector about why the FCC should do something about TVI or RFI from TVs.  My intent in posting this article is to show that as much as we feel these are important issues, the FCC does have a lot of "stuff" on its plate.  Further, as I and others have noted, there are no existing mandates for control of radiated emissions below roughly 30 MHz.  All of these factors contribute to the frustration being felt by HF ops (and SWLs, too) when their operations are subject to RFI from consumer devices - especially those belonging to their neighbors.  Sorry, no immediate relief in sight.  Those of us who are active in the world of 50 MHz and above do, at least, get some relief from Part 15 devices.

73, Dale
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