[RFI] Heads Up, possibly useful parts supplier

Christopher Brown cbrown at woods.net
Wed Sep 4 19:44:10 EDT 2013

This is not an endorsement, just though people might find the info useful.

Arrow Electronics has a division called Verical www.verical.com

These folks are not a normal reseller, they stock _nothing_.  They are a
middleman/clearinghouse for everyone elses stock.

Suppliers post inventory lists, etc they take you order and things get
relabeled and cross-shipped.

Now, all of the possible negatives of that situation may apply at time

1) They handle all sorts of stuff for alot of companies, including
wholesale distributors and similar that will not normally sell to

2) They have no issue selling to individuals.

You end a part number...  The search engine may come up with nothing, or
it may return 20 listings.  Each with a stock counts, minimum order and
order increment.

Now, you need to compare not only basic pricing but the "handling fee",
etc but they oftem have parts at wholesale prices.

Random example...  type 31 ferrite cylinder

Amidon for ~ $8 each
Mouser for ~ $5.50 each single or $2.59 each in batches of 100
Fair-rite direct for $1.85 each in batches of 1,000

One of Vericals suppliers had ~ 1,300 on hand for $1.91 each with a
minimum order of 27.

Out of my last 5 ferrite purchases, 1 direct for Fair-rite, 2 Mouser and
2 Verical.

Like I said, not an endorsement, I really don't like these indirect
resellers but sometimes it is cheap enough to be worth looking at.

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