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Fri Sep 27 06:06:14 EDT 2013

How far away is this suspect house?  I used Google earth to have a look around.  Dense housing and I see a power line.  Is your house have the swimming pool?

Dale, k9vuj

On 27, Sep 2013, at 1:00, "Ron, K6KYJ" <k6kyj at yahoo.com> wrote:

> My old friend is back.  My previous posts were under the subject 'The Ninet=
> een Hour Noise' or something like that.  The RFI came on and stayed on--wit=
> h timer cycles--for a full herbal leafy plant growing cycle.  Then, I had a nice brea=
> k of several months which nearly seduced me into putting ham radio antennas=
> back up in the air.
> That thought is now gone.  For the record, I use two frequencies for benchm=
> ark measurements, 7.1 and 10.1 MHz.  While the noise is across the spectrum=
> , these two points seem to reflect peaks in intensity.
> I often get suggestions on how to build filters for the growers to use. To =
> me, that is sort of like asking the person who has a gun pointed at your he=
> ad to try the new silencer you just built.  Here in my part of the world, e=
> very single arrest for commercial pot growing has included the recove=
> ry of numerous weapons, including automatic firearms. Years ago, when we fi=
> rst moved into this neighborhood, drug dealers poisoned three of our dogs. =
> They were never caught.
> This time around, I am supplying all of my RFI directional finding data to =
> the sheriff.
> I will follow up on this post now and then.
> K6KYJ, Chico CA
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