[RFI] Deja BUZZZ.. vu

David Cole dave at nk7z.net
Mon Sep 30 00:33:14 EDT 2013

We have much the same conditions here in Oregon...  I really don't care
what the person is doing, as long as it is RF quiet...

However, not all grows are legal, and if you run across one that is not,
all bets are off as to how the person reacts, and how things go after
you get called into court.  Remember if you have to testify, the other
party gets to know who you are, and where you live.

Here is how I found my first RFI rich grow operation a few years ago...

1.  Tracked RFI...
2.  Located house.
3.  Knocked on the door.
4.  Covered how the RFI was hurting me, and the legality of it.
5.  Got it fixed.

I got lucky, it was a pot grow, but it was a legal one, so the person
was decent, and unarmed.  

Had it been a less than legal grow I might have gotten shot...  That is
the dilemma, and I bet you have it there as well...

Now here is another dilemma...  If you help quiet things down, and the
federal law does not allow a pot grow, (as it does not now), are you
aiding a federal crime?  I am not qualified to answer that question, so
I am forced to assume-- yes...

My only hope is that as the states/feds legalize things, they get enough
control to take over the growing process, and hence remove if from the
homes.  I am getting tired of not having 40 meters anymore, and being
scared to actually knock on the doors of homes...

We have taken a tact here of forming an RFI committee for the radio
club, which helps by passing out flyer's to suspect areas when a house
is thought to be causing RFI.  It has worked so far...  We are about to
pass out flyer's again next week...  I'll post results.  The last time
we did that, the grow operation picked up and moved...

That seems to be a good non confrontational way of dealing with things
as a first step.

Thanks and 73's,
Dave (NK7Z),
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MM-SSTV group.
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On Sun, 2013-09-29 at 20:33 -0600, Tom Thompson wrote: 
> It's not a dilemma in Colorado.  The only crime is the RFI and the FCC 
> recommends working with the offender.
> On 9/29/2013 7:50 PM, David Cole wrote:
> > EXACTLY the dilemma we have here...  If we assist someone to filter the
> > RFI, it might be considered aiding a criminal act.
> >
> > I have been considering offering training to the police to give them the
> > tools to locate this sort of thing...  They probably already know how,
> > and have better ways, but boy it is getting very difficult to solve this
> > sort of issue anymore...

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